An Evidence-Based System For Chronic & Mysterious Illnesses
Chronic Pain
Chronic Fatigue
Food & Chemical Sensitivities

Recovering from Chronic Illness Often Seems Impossible

If you suffer from chronic illness, you've probably tried every treatment you can think of - from conventional to holistic - to no avail.

Conventional medicine only treats symptoms.
Some natural practitioners offer fad diets and dubious treatments.
No one gets to the root cause.
Meanwhile, your symptoms multiply, your life shrinks, and you just keep getting worse...
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Leave Chronic Illness Behind - for Good

At Recovery, we help clients leave sickness behind for good by addressing the whole body as an integrated system, not just one or two parts in isolation.

Body systems don't function in isolation - they work together to produce health.
You might address one or two things but fail to improve because you're being dragged down by an unaddressed issue.
We address the root cause of dysfunction at all levels.
You'll feel the first significant improvements in less than a month.
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Those two guys? That's me, 3 years apart. I was disabled for 15 years with multiple chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disease, neuropathic pain, and severe food intolerances.

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What you'll learn:

A photo of Christopher obese and sick before recovery, next to a photo of him healthy and fit after recovery.

How We Help

Nervous System Retraining

A proprietary program designed to retrain your nervous system to reduce pain and stress rapidly.

Functional Testing

Proper testing to determine the specific causes of your issues so we can address them at their roots.

Personalized Diet

A diet that excludes symptom-causing foods to get you back on track.

Supplement Program

Avoid spending money on 100s of pills. We use the minimum number of supplements necessary to support your recovery.

Intensive Coaching

Unparalleled support to help you follow a sustainable action plan and get back to your life!

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Rebel Health Tribe Podcast Christopher Blakeslee Part 1


Dallas, TX

"Working with Christopher exceeded my expectations. He gave me concrete and detailed tools to address an acute injury that had morphed into chronic pain, and I'm so happy with the results. If you're looking for a knowledgeable coach with cares about the people he helps, look no further."



When I started working with Christopher, I was suffering from mold exposure, candida overgrowth, and the autoimmune disease Sjogren's syndrome, which kept me almost completely homebound, and with crippling depression. Six months after working with Christopher, I was able to go the gym to lift weights, and here I am pictured at the peak of the highest mountain in Norway!

Rebel Health Tribe Podcast Christopher Blakeslee Part 1
Rebel Health Tribe Podcast Christopher Blakeslee Part 1


Austin, TX

Finding Christopher was a God-send. He is passionate, thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, and best of all, empathetic and able to be straight with you. He has been able to help me understand a variety of factors that might be influencing my symptoms and is helping me implement changes. After all the various doctors and specialists I'd met on this journey, he was a breath of fresh air and a beacon of hope. I recommend him without any hesitation or reservation!


Dallas, TX

Christopher was a joy to have as a health coach! He is kind and the most nonjudgmental person I know. I could tell he sincerely empathized with me when I was going through bumps in the road. He changed my life!

Rebel Health Tribe Podcast Christopher Blakeslee Part 1
Christopher Blakeslee with Dr. Jim Lemons, a former Mayo Clinic physician, standing in front of a whiteboard.

Forthcoming Book

Dr. Lemons, a former Mayo Clinic physician who founded the Lemons Center in Kansas City, was critical to my recovery. He taught me how to apply neuroscience principles to heal from my debilitating nerve pain. I was his biggest success story, and mastered his method so well that Dr. Lemons invited me to teach his own patients. In 2019, we began writing a book together about my recovery. Set to be released in 2024, the book is about how to best manage and reverse chronic health problems through the 4 Pillars of Health: lifestyle changes, mindset work, neuroscience principles, and Functional Medicine.

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I am board certified by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching, a division of the National Board of Medical Examiners.
A-CFHC Logo Kresser Institute ADAPT Certification Logo
I graduated from the Kresser Institute Functional Health Program in 2020.

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